Friday, 30 October 2015

Does my image work FOR me ? ....

You must have heard this one - It takes a few seconds for a person to form an opinion about you. 

Well, good news ! its true  - You could be at a social gathering or  a representative of your company at a business meeting  and those impressions you create while interacting with people will determine your success now and in the future.

How does that happen so quickly ?

It all starts with YOU. How do you see yourself - Confident? Shy ? Capable ? Assertive, Funny ? Happy ?  Reserved ? Nervous ? Serious ?

All this is reflected in the way you look, act and behave. Through your appearance, behaviour and communication - this determines how the world reacts to you. And this cycle goes on creating impressions, perceptions, image.

Now the better news  - Yes, you can change that impression if the first impression wasn't the greatest in the world.

Ask yourself - does my image work FOR me ? 

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