Monday, 2 November 2015

So who needs image management ? who needs personal branding ?

#image management #personal branding

    Everyone ! ( who recognises or acknowledges they want a change )
    Corporate professionals looking to take the next step in their career. 
    Companies wanting to enhance their company image through their sales teams or other representatives in the public eye. 
    Corporations grooming the next generation of leaders and senior managers. 
    School children going to college for the first time. 
    College students looking to get their first job. 
    Homemakers who want to appear more assertive and confident. 
    ...pretty much anyone who wants to make some changes in the way they are perceived. Most important is for YOU to want the change, want to evolve.... 
    Think about this - There are a many talented people out there but some who just succeed faster than others. Why does this happen ? More often than not, its because the perception of people they met, the impression they created, their image is more positive than others.

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