Tuesday, 3 November 2015

What makes an image consultant different from a fashion stylist or acommunications expert ?

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"You're an Image Consultant ?  Oh you mean you do all that clothes styling and all ?"

"So Image consultants will give me a make over, right ?" 

If only I had a rupee for every time I've been asked that ...!!!  Lets clear the confusion - 

How you LOOK, ACT and BEHAVE determines how the world reacts to YOU. 

A stylist may dress you  to enhance and flatter your physical body shape and may not consider clothes that make you comfortable or feel confident. They are more likely to suggest the latest fashion. However, they are unlikely to address issues of how authentic you feel  so its a short term solution.....

A communications expert will give you the expertise to speak well, pronounce the right way, make effective presentations, maybe improve your language and vocabulary. Yes, Super to do that !  And unlikely to address the areas how you feel about yourself which is reflected in the way you behave, speak, communicate through your body language on a daily basis....

Image management is akin to polishing a rough diamond so the quality shines through for others to appreciate. 
You are someone with hidden and unique qualities that may not visible at first glance
Image management is working on internal /external alignment with a more holistic approach for a long term impact. Image management addresses the overall perception which includes communication, appearance and behaviour. 

How do you change the way the world reacts to you ? Simple really - by managing your image. 

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